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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to watch and learn to knit, and develop your skills from the comfort of your home with the help of Let's Knit Together! Our star presenters, Julie Peasgood and Neti Love provide more than just handshots their knitting chat will make you feel as though you’re chatting to lifelong friends. Best of all, they are just a click away any time our members need their trusted expertise. Sign up today for unlimited access to the video library whenever you need it! You won’t find quality tutorials like this anywhere else.

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To get you lucky knitters started, as part of your free sign-up, here’s the opportunity to watch four videos at no cost. We want to tempt you to unlock the rest of the video course, so once you’ve had a little taster, all you need to do is become a member of our wonderful club!

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Take a tour of our How To Knit course:

Essential Knowhow explains the knitting basics, how to hold your needles, what a typical knitting pattern looks like, and why tension is important in making wearables to the right size.

If you’ve never knitted before you can begin from scratch with the key stitches in our Get started! section – or if you knit already, just remind yourself of some fundamentals. From knit and purl to changing colours for stripes, you’ll find everything you need to knit one of the easy patterns included in this section.

In Next Steps, we’ve included techniques to take your knitting up a notch, including the best ways for shaping, to neat ways to finish off, transforming your work into that adorable toy or gorgeous garment. Choose one of our improver patterns or take your pick from our fantastic pattern library.

Whatever your ability, mishaps can happen, so avoid the most common pitfalls and see how to fix mistakes with our handy Troubleshooting videos. It’s worth a watch, even before you pick up your needles!

You can also access our fantastic collection of printable Knit School downloads that cover plenty of other techniques. If you’d like to see any of these techniques demonstrated, let us know and we’ll add the most popular ones as videos.

The knitting world is yours to explore!

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Views expressed are those of the authors. Knitting is a vast subject and the course is not intended as a comprehensive guide. Projects, samples and techniques shown and described in the videos and supporting text are intended as a guide only. The same or similar results may be achievable with other techniques. Videos may be added, removed or edited at the Publisher's discretion. Always follow your pattern. All material has been prepared in good faith and no responsibility for errors is accepted by the authors or Publisher.

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