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7 Great Gift Ideas for Knitters

7 Great Gift Ideas for Knitters

Stuck for gift ideas, but know your pal is the ultimate knitting fan? Look no further. Our handy gift guide for knitters has you covered. Our guide is bursting with ideas for all skill levels, and for a range of budgets – from cheap stocking fillers to luxury gifts for a birthday, or just as a little pick-me-up to show you care.

1. The Classic Project Bag

No knitter is complete without a bag (or two, or three) to keep their stash of yarn, needles and on-going projects in. You could pick a simple craft bag with plenty of room, like this adorable sausage dog patterned one from Dunelm for just £14.

Or, if you have a bigger budget to play with, this pocket-packed bag from Hobbi is perfect for knitters who like to stay organised.

If your knitter is the quirky sort, or already has a project bag, why not opt for something different. This personalised storage crate from RedPandaDesignsUK is available to buy on Etsy.

2. Sock Blockers

If you’re not a knitter, you’re probably wondering what a sock blocker is. Sock blockers are frames you can use when drying knitted socks to help them keep their shape. We love these personalised and engraved wooden ones from CapolaDesigns on Etsy. 

3. Wooden Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are all the rage at the moment. They’re a great way to stop your yarn from rolling around and getting in a mess while you knit. There’s plenty available, most in the region of £20-£30. They come in a variety of materials, colours and patterns. Our personal favourites are made from wood and have a traditional vibe, including this stripey one from N/Y, which is available on Amazon.

4. Personalised ‘Made By’ Tags

‘Made by’ tags are a great little top-up gift for knitters. Personalised tags let them leave their mark on their makes – and they’re available online for even the smallest budget. Make them even more personal by including a knitting motif, just like these examples from bekkykimber. They’re available on eBay at just £3.99 for a pack of 25!

5. Mugs!

Nothing says you’re a keen knitter like sitting on the sofa, surrounded by yarn, clicking away with your needles…and sipping from a knitting-themed mug. For the fun-loving, try this novelty mug from Groves, available on Amazon.

Or, how about an adorable knitted-jumper wearing sheep design from Anna Wright?

6. Knitting Needles

Needles are a staple for all knitters, but they can be fun as well as practical. We’ve picked out a few of our favourites, to cover a range of budgets. do a great range of gift sets with a variety of different needle toppers. Why not opt for these beautiful floral patterned ones for under £4?

If you’re looking for a luxury gift, try this gorgeous ocean-inspired teal wooden set from Knit Picks. They cost £53.75, and come with a range of needle sizes and accessories.

On the other hand, you could use your gift to encourage your fellow fibre fan to try something new. Give them a fun surprise when they open your gift, and opt for giant needles. With these, they can indulge in chunky knitting and make the cosiest of blankets. This set by Lauren Ashton Designs is available on Etsy for £60.

7. A Let’s Knit Together Membership

If you’ve exhausted all of our fantastic ideas above, then don’t panic, we’ve got you covered for that knitter who has everything. Surprise your pal with a Let’s Knit Together gift membership and see their face light up as they unwrap this perfect present. Let’s Knit Together is an online knitting club, founded by the UK’s best-selling knitting magazine, Let’s Knit.

Let’s Knit Together is the ultimate hub for knitting fans and your loved one will thank you for introducing them to our incredible online club. All of this is included in a membership:
2,200+ tried and tested knitting patterns for all skill levels
500 exclusive designs only found on Let’s Knit Together (how exciting!)
100+ simple and quick tutorial videos to help with patterns
Live knitalongs and workshops every month
Discounts and competitions only available for members

Patterns galore, community spirit and tons of knitting fun! Our friendly tribe offers support and encouragement at any time on the private Facebook group and online community hub. We team up with top knitting stars for monthly live events and online workshops which members can enjoy for free. Plus, they can take part in our exclusive knitalongs, where the community works on the same pattern in stages, at the same time.

It’s so simple to buy a Let’s Knit Together gift membership. You’ll pay a one-off payment covering three, six or 12 months. Our prices start from just £23.99. To find out more, visit Let’s Knit Together’s Gifts for Knitters page.


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