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renée Knitting Pattern


Be chic and unique in our up-to-date version of the French classic


? Using 7mm needles, cast on 56st using the cable cast-on method
? Work in k1, p1 rib for four rows
? Change to 20mm needles and work in stocking stitch for eight rows
? Row 13: Change to 7mm needles. K2 (m1, k2) to end. 83st
? p one row
? k3, (k2 tog k2) six times, k2 tog, k4, (k2 tog, k2) six times, k2tog, k4, (k2 tog, k2) five times. 64 st
? p one row
? k2 tog to end. 32 st
? p one row
? k2 tog to end. 16 st
? p one row
? k2 tog to end. Draw thread back through remaining eight sts on needle. Stitch seam together using mattress stitch

Mix it up

Just because the ball band of a yarn states you should use a certain size of needle doesn’t mean you have to obey! Experimenting with bigger and smaller needles and different types of yarn can produce exciting results, as in this case.9mm is the needle size recommended for Little Big Wool,so using 7mm for the rim of the hat ensures a snug fit,while the chunky needles create the shape but without too much weight,so the hat is as light as a feather to wear. However,you’ll need to keep a tight hold on your 20mm needles when knitting with yarn recommended for smaller pins as the tension is very loose.

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