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Joni Knitting Pattern


Designer: Lucinda Ganderton

Work the cool and casual look with Joni, Lucinda Ganderton's striking crochet shoulder bag

The simple construction of this chunky bag really lends itself to the more complex colourwork pattern. Although it has the appearance of a checker board, you are only ever required to use one colour on any row. On your first row, you miss three chain stitches between a series of trebles, then on subsequent rows you work into these gaps using a special stitch to create the square effect. The plaited strap runs down the length of the bag giving extra strength, while the tassels add a retro finish.


Front and Back (alike)
NOTE: do NOT fasten off yarn at end of each row, instead loosely strand yarns not in use up side of fabric Using yarn A, make 35ch
? Row 1: 1tr in fourth ch from hook, 1tr in next ch, [3ch, miss 3ch, (1tr in next ch) three times] five times, turn Join in yarn B
? Row 2: using yarn B, (3ch, miss 3tr, 3sp tr) five times, 2ch, miss 2tr, sl st in top of third ch, turn
Join in yarn C
? Row 3: using yarn C, 3ch, miss 1tr, (1sp tr in next tr) twice, (3ch, miss three sts, 3sp tr) five times
? Foll colour sequence A, B, C, rep Rows 2 and 3 14 times
? Row 32: 1ch, miss 1tr, (1dc in 1sp tr) twice, [(1sp tr in 1sp tr) three times, (1dc in 1sp tr) three times] five times
? Fasten off

To make up
Weave in any loose ends. Thread a large tapestry needle with yarn A, with WS facing, pin Front and Back together and slip stitch around side and loose edges
? Fasten yarn A to one corner of top of bag, using crochet hook, 1ch, 15dc, 6ch, 1dc in same sp, cont in dc around top edge
? Fasten off


Cut 12 250cm lengths of yarn A, tie together 15cm from end, separate into three groups of four strands and plait. Tie a second knot 15cm from ends. Trim loose threads into 10cm tassels. Sew ends of strap to both sides of bag, with knots lying just below bottom corners. Sew button to top edge of bag on opposite side to loop. Make an overhand knot in centre of strap to vary length.

Joni: 30cm x 27cm

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