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30 Knitting Patterns Exclusive to Let’s Knit Together

30 Knitting Patterns Exclusive to Let’s Knit Together

Being a member of Let’s Knit Together means you’re treated to a huge array of perks, but one of the best parts has to be full access to thousands of patterns.

Many of the patterns you see on Let’s Knit Together have never been featured in Let’s Knit magazine before and you won’t be able to find the patterns online anywhere else – that’s exclusivity for you! You may spot a few Val Pierce patterns from the Let’s Knit archive and these are a special treat just for members as we know how much you love Val’s patterns!

We’ve rounded up 30 stand-out patterns that you won’t find online anywhere else. What will you be making next?

1. Child’s Stripey Socks

Knit these striped patterned socks to fit a child aged between two and seven years.

2. Easy Knitted Mermaid

Take a trip under the sea this summer and say a big ‘hello’ to Peggy, our fabulous mermaid friend!

3. Cute Zebra Pair

This sweet and stripy duo is simple to knit and would make great additions to the toy shelf.

4. Friendly Knitted Alien

Aine Marriot’s colourful fellow is a quick and easy knit!

5. Froda the Friendly Alien

Use any DK shades for Froda, just decide whether to stick to a base skin tone or have each section in a crazy colour!

6. Moss Stitch Cushion Cover

The simple moss stitch used for this cushion cover gives a thick, dense texture when combined with the double-stranded yarn.

7. Beaded Bunting Knitalong

Pretty eyelets and glistening beads combined with pastel shades give this 7-part bunting a sophisticated feel.

8. Rainbow Blanket Knitalong

Lynne Rowe’s chunky blanket is a riot of texture and colour, with seven shades and six different square designs combined in one bold and beautiful piece.

9. Knitted Pony

Val Pierce’s handsome fellow will clip-clop his way into your heart.

10. Topsy Turvy 2-in-1 Princess Doll

Knit up not one, but two princess dolls with this fun topsy turvy pattern by Sachiyo Ishii.

11. Fluffy Jumper

Making your own jumper is easier than you’d think!

12. Garter Stitch Baby Jacket

This practical, chunky jacket makes a great cover-up. Knitted in garter stitch, which creates a thick texture, this jacket is warm to wear and quick to knit.

13. Arm Knitting Cable Scarf

If you’re keen to use a luxury yarn, this cable scarf is the project for it. It is easy to make, and versatile because you can drape it over your shoulders or wear it as a wrap.

14. Colourful Easter Eggs

Decorating your home for Easter is always such a joy. Cute chicks, vibrant eggs and spring flowers are our favourite details and these stunning makes will be ornaments that you’ll bring out year after year.

15. Cheerleader Doll

Give us an L, give us a K! We love Val Pierce’s cheerleader doll.

16. Coco the Elf

This is Coco and she’s one of the most important elves at the North Pole. As well as being very talented in the gift wrap and bows department, she also ensures that knitters get everything they ask for – better make her quick!

17. Jasper the Knitted Snowman

This snow toddler is all kitted out in a knotted hat and scarf and is certainly dressed for some frosty fun!

18. Mrs Claus

It’s a well-known fact that Father Christmas wouldn’t be anywhere near ready for his Christmas Eve deliveries if it wasn’t for Mrs Claus organising everything behind the scenes.

19. Quick-knit Christmas Stars

From tree decorations to present toppers, this versatile project will add colour to your Christmas.

20. Quick-knit Mini Stockings

These quick-knit stash busting decorations are simple to make and can be easily customised for your friends and family.

21. Festive Sausage Dog

With a stripy sweater and an adorable face, he’s sure to be a hit with youngsters this festive season.

22. Cabled Slipper Socks

These chunky-yarn slipper socks are knitted flat, not in the round. Cable designs are created by moving knit stitches to the left or right of the stitches next to them using a cable needle.

23. Patchwork Blanket

This blanket uses stocking stitch and the intarsia technique to create inlaid colour motifs in individual blocks that are then sewn together.

24. Puppy and Carry Bag

Val Pierce’s adorable hound will go everywhere with you and even has his own bed to sleep in!

25. Self-stripe Tunic

Knit a self-stripe tunic with short sleeves and a kangaroo pocket!

26. Arm Knitted Blanket

This is no ordinary blanket! You have the option to make it really large – as a double blanket – but if that feels too big, make a smaller size – as a single or lap blanket.

27. Daisy Dress

This square-neck dress is decorated with openwork cluster stitch and embroidered daisies. Knitted in a soft, summer-weight, cotton-blend yarn, it’s a great dress for a summer party.

28. Snail Cushion

This cheery pillow goes perfectly in a child’s bedroom. You can knit the shell and body using their favourite colours and even add a patterned ribbon around the snail’s neck.

29. Child’s Fair Isle Tunic

This tunic-length jumper has a striking Fair Isle pattern and matching borders on the cuffs and hem.

30. Knitted Dolphin

Leaping to the rescue with a stripy swimming ring around his middle, Sachiyo Ishii’s dolphin is ready for an adventure.

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