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Meet your Let’s Knit Together Presenters: Neti & Julie

Meet your Let’s Knit Together Presenters: Neti & Julie

Join the Let’s Knit Together community today for full access to the fabulous how-to video hub!

Think you know all there is to knitting? Think again! Neti Love and Julie Peasgood are available at the click of a button whenever you need them, and with 85+ videos available (and counting), they have become an integral part of Let’s Knit Together. Whether you’re a knitting maestro or just starting out in the wonderful world of yarn, our comprehensive range of how-tos is second-to-none, covering a huge range of topics, techniques and ideas so you can perfect your projects. Forget Netflix and chill… it’s all about Knit-flix and chill!

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“I have been working with Let’s Knit Together since May 2019 and it’s been wonderful to see the club growing. I think lockdown has actually helped because people have been focussing more on pursuits at home, with crafting, pottery, and knitting becoming firm favourites.”

What’s a typical day like when working on the courses?
I get up at around 5.30 am to get ready, and then it’s an hour on the London underground before I board the train from Liverpool Street to Essex, where we shoot the videos. I arrive around 9am and it’s straight into makeup. We begin recording around 10:30 am, and work through till around 1pm when we stop for lunch, which is usually a sandwich or salad, crisps and fruit. I always try to resist the biscuits and naughty treats dotted around the studio, but by mid-afternoon, my fragile resolve has usually evaporated and I’m tucking into the chocolate. We get a lot of videos recorded, but we also manage to have a lot of laughs on set too.

What’s your favourite part about working on the videos?
It has to be the people involved - we all know each other well now and we’re a good team. I love all the inspiration I get from watching Neti work: she preps everything really thoroughly, explains the techniques very clearly and is lovely to work with. And Toby and Kris - our brilliant technicians - are both very chilled so the atmosphere is always relaxed - plus they go to great lengths make us look our best! Last but not least, Elena, who looks after the membership side, is the overall producer and she is one of the nicest and most talented producers I have ever worked with.

What’s your favourite Let’s Knit Together project?
I really enjoyed learning how to add beads (with the slip stitch method) and also discovering a picot cast-off edge. It’s a decorative edging and can add an attractive finish to collars, shawls and homewares - it also stops your knitting curling up, so it’s practical as well as pretty!

What’s on your to-make list for 2021?
I’d like to make a dress for each of my granddaughters, Saha and Anjelica, and to incorporate ruching - another technique Neti has taught in the videos. Luckily, they are both still small so it shouldn’t take me too long - and they both loved the knitted hats that Granny Peas gave them for Christmas!

Is there anything you’ve got planned for future courses that can share as a sneak peek?
I’m fascinated by double knitting - it’s a technique in which two fabrics are knitted simultaneously on just one pair of needles, so it allows you to create two layers instead of one. The finished product is totally reversible - and in the case of a scarf, for instance, it’s twice as warm - double bubble! Keep a lookout for double knitting coming up later in the spring!

“I never know quite what Julie might ask or say to me while we are filming - which keeps me on my toes! - but she asks questions from the members’ perspective which is really helpful.”

What’s a typical day like when working on the courses?
Julie and I have a natter and catch up while we do our hair and make up. We decide what tops to wear so we don’t clash or look too samey! I take a look at what projects we’ll be using as examples. It’s always lovely to see what toys and other projects Elena has brought in that we can show off on the videos. Then it’s onto the videos. I prepare my samples beforehand so that I can concentrate on the main technique, and we can also make sure the viewer gets a sense of what it can be
used for. We aim to cover a range of techniques or project ideas, from troubleshooting (that all knitters sometimes need), to colourwork and types of stitches, as well as finishing techniques that really do make all the difference.

What’s your favourite part about working on the videos?
When something that is a bit fiddly to demonstrate goes smoothly - and when Julie comes out with some funny comments that make us all laugh!

What’s your favourite Let’s Knit Together project?
I’ve just finished a wrap stitch jumper by Sian Brown. I’m really looking forward to wearing it in the warm weather as I chose a linen mix yarn and the wrap stitches are like horizontal ladders so will keep it airy!

What’s on your to-make list for 2021?
So many things! I am just about to start some Fair Isle socks, but as they are in 2ply and will take a while, I’m going to need some other things on the go. I treated myself to some special yarn for a luxury cowl, so I am going to use two contrasting colours held together for that, then next on the list is a quick chunky cardi in some funky yarn (I treated myself to a drop spindle to have a go at spinning my own) and then we’ll see. It’s easy to get carried away with so many lovely patterns to choose from, but I try not to plan too far ahead as I know something else will catch my eye…

Is there anything you’ve got planned for future courses that you can share?
Ooh yes - I am looking forward to loop stitch. It’s a really fun stitch that’s brilliant for toy fur or hair, but depending on what yarn you use, also creates a really interesting effect on a statement cushion or glam bag. We’re also going to be looking at socks in more detail, so I think a lot of people will be really interested in that.

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