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Young Talent!

Young Talent!

A conversation with crochet star Jonah Larson and his mother Jennifer…

At only 11 years old, Jonah Larson is a crochet expert, talented designer and social media phenomenon. He can now add published author to this list, as his book Hello, Crochet Friends! is set to be released later this year. We caught up with Jonah to find out more…

I became interested in crochet when I was only five years old. I came across a crochet hook in a bag of craft items my aunt have given to me and my siblings. My mom showed me a beginners YouTube video on how to crochet and it was on that day that I made my first dishcloth.

I think of many things when I’m crocheting. Sometimes I think about school and the work that needs to be done. Other times I think about new crochet projects including ideas to design my own. Also, I think about fun things I can do with my family and friends. Sometimes I don’t think of anything at all - I just relax.

I want people to know they don’t have to crochet as fast as I do. It doesn’t matter if it takes you a day, a week or a month to finish your project. What really matters is the quality of the crochet work (straight edges) and the joy you get out of creating it. Relax and enjoy the process; it’s not a competition.

I am so happy that I have inspired people to pick up a crochet hook and create beautiful things with it. Some have told me they have crocheted for many years but have made only one or two different items. Now, they have been inspired to try new projects such as cowls and mermaid tails. This has made crocheting fun and interesting to them again. Others are trying crochet for the first time and realising how fun and relaxing it can be. It brings me joy to know that young people will carry this craft on for generations to come.

Along with my love for crochet, I also love to read. I always dreamed of one day writing my own book. I just never thought it would happen at age 11! It will be fun for me to say, later on in life, that I authored a book at such a young age. It was more difficult than I thought to write a manuscript, even though I was writing about my own life!


We also spoke to Jonah’s mother Jennifer about her talented son, her family life and the excitement of co-authoring Hello, Crochet Friends!

I knew Jonah was talented at a very early age. He was a prolific reader at three. He was also advanced in math. It didn’t surprise me that he was able to pick up a hook and make a dishcloth that very day. What surprised me is that it stuck with him so long.

Jonah became an internet sensation so quickly that I barely had time to think about it. My main goal was ensuring school and family remained his top priorities. It was also important that crochet continued to be fun for Jonah and didn’t turn to “work”. So far, he has been unphased by the attention and is really enjoying the different opportunities.

My husband and I live by example and work hard to instill values in our children. For Jonah, he recognises that not only was it a gift for us to have him in our family, it was also a gift for him and his little sister. He feels strongly about giving back to his home country of Ethiopia, which is why he started a GoFundMe page. The money will go directly to the village where he was born.

The whole family plays a role in Jonah’s business. Jonah describes me as his agent, his dad as his hat model, his older brother Leif as his technology expert, and his little sister Mercy as his yarn winder.

Jonah and I have always been very close, so it was just natural that we go on the journey of writing a book together. The writing process was more complex than I ever imagined, but it has also been a fun learning process. Jonah and I are so excited to go on our tour and to share the book with others.

To find Jonah’s first book Hello, Crochet Friends! and his new release Giving Back Crochet visit

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