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Well-being: Heart-warming Knitting Stories

Well-being: Heart-warming Knitting Stories

We share some of the our favourite knitting stories from across the world.

In times of darkness, it’s important to look towards the light and knitting can be a huge benefit to your mental and emotional well-being. The act of knitting does this, but so does seeing the joys that knitting can bring to other people in need. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite knitting stories from lockdown so far.

Knitted Hearts for the NHS

© NHS Greater Glasgow

Liz Smith is an intensive care nurse at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and wanted to bring a little love to patients and families affected by COVID-19. Knowing that hospital visits are restricted, she put out an appeal on Facebook asking for knitters to send in matching pairs of knitted hearts. One heart would be given to the patient and the other sent to the family. After the initial post, more than 4,500 were sent to Glasgow Royal Infirmary and the hearts are now being distributed to other wards and hospitals in the local area. You can read more on the BBC.

Other hospitals and organisations are operating similar schemes in their local area so get in touch to see if you can help.

Comfort Bands For Keyworkers

© ITV Channel TV

Knitters and crocheters in Guernsey have stepped up their skills to produce thousands of comfort bands to make PPE masks more comfortable. Gloria Dekker, Muriel Tappenden and Louisa Maubec have been making the bands, which feature buttons on either side and allow the elastic on a mask to hook onto over the band, relieving pressure behind the ears. So far, they have handed out over 1,500 to care workers across the island. They are now looking to send bands to University College Hospital in London too. See the full story on ITV.

Knitting For Babies

© Warm Baby Project Facebook

Many charities have been hit hard by the impact of COVID-19 and the Warm Baby Project - a group that makes handknitted items for preemies and babies in need - has donated cardigans, blankets and teddy bears to the Witney Baby Bank. The Witney Baby Bank supports vulnerable families providing them with essential items including nappies, wipes, formula and menstrual products, and now they can add lovingly handcrafted items to their care packages too. Click to read more or see how you can knit for babies at

Knitted Nightingale Hospital

© Denise Bradley

You might recognise Margaret Seaman’s name as she is the talented crafter behind the knitted recreations of Great Yarmouth and Sandringham House. Now, the 91 year-old knitter has wowed us again with a miniature version of the Nightingale Hospital, complete with doctors, nurses and patients. Margaret started knitting on 1st April and she has so far raised thousands of pounds for her local hospitals on her Just Giving page.

Knitted School Children

© Miss Ingeborg Meinster-Van der Duin

Dutch teacher Ingebord Meinster-Van de Duin became an online superstar earlier this year when she chose to recreate her class in knitted form. With the schools being closed, Ingebord carefully made miniature replicas of all 23 of her students including their outfits and hair styles! As the pupils returned to collect their belongings before lockdown began, each child was able to take their mini me home. What a special memento from a thoughtful and talented lady.  Read more here.

We’ll be updating this post with more heart-warming stories. If you’ve got a story to share, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram

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