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Tom Daley Launches New Knitting Kit Collection!

Tom Daley Launches New Knitting Kit Collection!

The iconic Olympic diver and fibre fanatic Tom Daley has launched a 15-piece knitting kit collection

Ever since he was spotted knitting on the poolside at the Tokyo Olympic Games last summer, Tom Daley has been capturing the headlines for more than just his gold-medal diving. From hand-knitted medal pouches and a Team GB cardigan, to a replica of the Harry Styles jumper and colourful designs of his own, Tom Daley has been inspiring people from all over the world to knit, sharing his creations and love of the craft on his Instagram @MadeWithLoveByTomDaley

Tom Daley’s new knitting brand

Now, Britain’s most decorated diver has launched his very own knitting brand, Made With Love By Tom Daley, allowing fans to share his love for knitting. The first collection is called the 1896 Collection, inspired by the first modern Olympics, and features 15 knit kits for jumpers, cardigans, accessories and blankets.

Christmas knits

Just in time for the festive season, there are also kits for a Christmas jumper featuring a tactile Christmas tree, and classic red and white stockings.

Who are Tom’s knitting designs for?

There are designs suitable for beginners, all the way through to advanced knitters, so anyone and everyone can create their own masterpieces and experience the joys of knitting. Tom has not only helped to contemporise a traditional craft, but he’s also contributed to bringing knitting to a much wider audience by giving a classically female-dominated pastime a fresh male face, encouraging all genders to pick up some needles and give it a go. 

Tom says…

“Over the past two years, knitting has been my saviour. It’s been a form of mindfulness in between training and competing, and a way to pass the time while I’ve been travelling or sat at home during lockdowns. I bring my knitting everywhere and I feel like I’ve accomplished something every time I make something new. I like to think knitting is making a comeback so I look forward to people giving it a try if they haven’t before, making things they can actually wear.”

How much do Tom Daley’s knitting kits cost?

Ranging from £30 to £220 in price, all of the kits use biodegradable and renewable pure wool, and also include the needles and knitting patterns needed to create the project. 

Got the knitting bug?

Have you been inspired by Tom Daley’s knits? You can download six free Let’s Knit patterns right now and watch our collection of free beginner knitting videos in your own time. Visit our free pattern and video page now.



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