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Tis the Season… for Christmas knitting!

Tis the Season… for Christmas knitting!

Giving gifts on one particular winter’s day is an age old tradition dating back to ancient Rome. This year, why not knit your own presents? And if you do… what should you make?

Christmas now has both feet firmly planted on the horizon, and if you want to knit gifts or decorations then now is the time to start. It may fall on the same date every year but somehow Christmas always sneaks up on us. Planning is the key to a successful, non-stressful holiday period, especially when it comes to what to knit and who to knit for. It’s not always easy hand-making gifts for others, so here are a few ideas to get you in the festive mood and help your celebrations go without a hitch.

Why knit your own presents?
In the run up to Christmas the shops are packed with the latest massproduced toys, gadgets and ‘must have’ gifts, but it wasn’t always so. Knitted items have been around for thousands of years and still make brilliant presents, as they are totally unique to the recipient. Practical items like blankets or clothing were always needed, so made very useful gifts that could be easily produced by hand. Although knitted items are no longer a necessity in everyday life, they are still received with much delight – and you won’t need to face those fearsome Christmas shoppers!

Before you start
Making a list and checking it twice is all the rage at this time of year and quite right too. Draw up a list of exactly who you want to knit for and what you’re making for them - you’ll love the satisfaction that comes from crossing things off! But try not to be over-ambitious; you can’t do everything. Most importantly, make sure you give yourself enough time. There are only 24 hours on Christmas Eve, so plan ahead and don’t leave it to the last minute!

Christmas classics
For many years, festive jumpers were the hallmark of handmade Christmas gifts – often thought to be shapeless, scratchy sweaters in siren-bright colours with a bold, festive motif prominently positioned in the centre. Or at least, that’s how the story went! But the popularity of Christmas jumpers now means that you’re probably already wearing one! After all… what’s good enough for Myleene is good enough for us!

But, as much as we’d like to, we can’t make jumpers for everyone. Here are a few more ideas to add to your knit lists.

  • Warm accessories for winter are always going to be useful at this time of year. We love this beautiful cowl by Stephanie Dosen from her new book, Woodland Knits. Best of all, you can get the pattern in our Essential Winter Knits book, free with your December issue of Let’s Knit (on sale 15th November).

  • If you’re short on time then amigurumi creatures are ideal quick makes. And handmade toys are always great ideas for kids who will grow out of clothes so quickly!

  • Why not try making an ipod or phone cosy as a quick make for someone who loves their tech? You can boast that your gift is pretty and practical!

  • If you’re knitting for a bit of a fashionista and don’t want to risk garments or accessories, why not use our free hanging hearts pattern to make something small and sweet for their home?

  • Garments are always a treat, so if you do decide to put in the time, make sure you have the correct measurements and the right colours for the recipient. Why not try opting for a shawl or something similar that isn’t too size specific?

  • If you’re so short on time that you have to resort to buying the odd gift from the shops, why not knit miniature motifs for the front of your Christmas cards? They look fabulous and are fantastic for adding that knitty touch!
  • And of course, it’s not just personal items that work well, knitted or crocheted decorations are perfect for a short burst of festive cheer, as do stockings and tree ornaments. There really are so many possibilities – what are you waiting for?


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