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Projects For Every Dad This Father’s Day!

Projects For Every Dad This Father’s Day!

Impress your dad this Father’s Day with these great crafty gifts!

Father’s Day can be tricky for us crafters, where Mum is generally over the moon with a knitted accessory and a handmade card, Dad can often be a bit harder to please! No need to panic though, the LK team have you covered with this wide selection of projects guaranteed to make any dad smile this Father’s Day!

The Pet Lover

Whether they just love other people’s pets or they have a whole menagerie of creatures at home, these patterns are sure to make your animal worshipper dad over the moon with happiness.

Guinea Pigs

These simple sweet knits look adorable and won’t take long if you’re short on time!

Hatching Dragons

These crocheted cuties are great for perfecting your amigurumi skills – and if you think they’re not ferocious enough for Dad, then adjust the sizing to make them grown up dragons!

English Bulldog

Whether he’s got one already, or longing for one of his own you can fulfill his dreams with this gorgeous knit! The key is not to overstuff him but once complete, he’ll loyally sit with your dad and be a friend for life.

Stripy Snake

Use up yarn from your stash with our free pattern! Sid the snake is a great knit for beginners too so seize the opportunity to show him your newfound skills.

Speedy Sloth

Does your dad love wildlife documentaries? Bring it to his home with this gorgeous crocheted sloth! His arms and legs have poppers so he can happily hang out with your dad wherever he wishes.

The Outdoor Worshipper

Everyone is guilty of spending a bit too much time outside when the weather is warm, but your dad takes it to the extreme! Spending his Sundays planting, mowing the lawn or growing veg at the allotment – this dad will be happiest in his garden and our patterns will hopefully bring him a bit more joy indoors!

Garden Gnome

While your dad is digging and making the outdoors beautiful, he might get a little lonely – so why not make him a mate? Jerry the gnome will be quite content watching your dad and he might even lend a hand!

Tool Carrier

It must be difficult carrying all your gardening tools around all day, make him this handy apron and everything will be easy to access throughout his outdoor duties. You can change the colours to fit his favourites too!

Allotment Teacosy

I’m sure Dad would be hugely grateful if you took him out a cup of tea while he’s gardening, but I’m sure he’d be even happier if you made him a pot of tea, decorated in this wonderfully creative allotment cosy!

Happy Camper

If your dad enjoys the outdoors, I’m sure he’s a camping holiday fan. Why not take the stress out of his next trip and crochet him up some new gear? He’ll be forever thankful!

The Sportsman

Whether he’s watching it, playing it or going ON about it, sporty Dad lives for it - and yes we know you’re thinking – how on earth will I find something suitable that I can make? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Coaster Balls

While he’s watching the sport on the box, give him something crafty to put his drink on with these ball coasters. Easy to make and speedy if you’re running out of time, he’ll be touched with this thoughtful and handy gift.

Gym Buff

Does your dad like hanging out at the gym? Craft him a new kit with our easy knitting pattern, feel free to change up the colours to give them a more masculine vibe!

Tennis Fan

Is your dad a tennis junkie? Make his day with this incredibly lifelike Andy Murray pattern, and he’ll be able to watch Wimbledon with Andy himself.

Winning Dad

Do you think he’s a real champion? Craft him this crocheted medal and tell him so! He’ll be touched at the time you’ve taken and even more honoured at being awarded.

The Foodie

Food and drink are this dad’s favourite things, apart from you of course! Get your crafting kit out and get going on these makes, they’re good enough to eat!

Wine Cooler

Keep Dad’s bottle chilled with our knitted wine cooler! If you’re feeling generous you could even present it with a bottle of his favourite tipple.

Delicious Doughnuts

He’ll love these tasty treats, even if they can’t be eaten – they’re great centre pieces for your table and if you’re feeling extra cruel you could put them in a Krispy Kreme box and taunt him into thinking they’re the real thing!

Craft Beer

If Dad is a beer drinker, (or even if he isn’t) these are the perfect presents – keeping his tipple of choice cool but stylish with these cute crocheted holders. As with the wine, if you’re feeling generous, give them already protecting a few tins and he’ll appreciate them even more.


Father’s Day Breakfast

Set him up for the day nicely with this full English breakfast, it might not be what he was expecting but we’re sure he’ll be pleased all the same.

Techno Dad

The latest gadget is always on his Christmas list, if he’s not playing on the Xbox or using multiple devices at once, is he even your dad? If you haven’t got the budget for the latest electronic craze, we’re sure we can satisfy his Father’s Day request with one of these patterns.

Tablet Case

He’ll certainly want to keep his expensive electronic devices safe, so why not craft this crocheted tablet case? We love the colours!

Earphone Safe

Earphones have got to be the easiest gadget to lose, no matter how many sets you have, more are always needed. Keep your dad’s safe and secure for him in this cute case, it won’t take a lot of time to make. Great for pairing with a new set if he needs them!

Strap Phone Case

Dad will need a handy protector for his phone and he’ll be made up with a special handmade one by his number one!

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