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Our Favourite Toy Story Patterns To Take You To Infi-knitty and Beyond*

Our Favourite Toy Story Patterns To Take You To Infi-knitty and Beyond*

*By ‘beyond’ we mean crochet!

With the fourth - and quite possibly the last instalment - of this fantastic animated film series hitting the cinemas, it’s time to take a look back over some of our favourite Toy Story patterns for knitting and crochet. So sit back, find You’ve Got A Friend In Me on your playlist and enjoy these clever crafty creations, along with links on why to find the patterns so you can make your own characters!

It’s Bun Lightyear!

© Juli Anne

How cute is this little rabbit, dressed up as our favourite Space Ranger! Find the free crochet pattern at onceuponacheerio.com

This is Buzz Lightyear to Star Command…

© littleyarnfriends

Here’s Buzz Lightyear in his more traditional form, but he’s just as cute. Check out the free crochet pattern at littleyarnfriends.com


© Mary Lucas

The Claw might be their master, but this one covers a chocolate orange. We know who’s winning in our book! Buy the pattern at ravelry.com


Wheezy Thinks He Feels A Song Coming On!

© VirGigi Designs

This adorable crochet penguin is how the adventure begins in Toy Story 2. Make your own version with VirGigi’s pattern. Buy it on etsy.com

Lotso Huggin’ Bear

© WoolyMcWoolface

This easy knitting pattern is a perfect recreation of this memorable character from Toy Story 3. Here’s where you can buy the pattern.


The Rootin-est Tootin-est Cowboy In The West - Sheriff Woody!

© MoonlitShopPatterns

No Toy Story pattern list would be complete without the Sheriff himself, Woody. This crochet pattern is available to buy on ravelry.com


Mr & Mrs Potato Head

© WoolyMcWoolface

Their romance knows no bounds and we love them dearly. This design recreates this spud-tacular pair perfectly. Buy the brilliant knitting pattern on etsy.com


Introducing Forky

© Amigurumeria

This is Bonnie’s latest toy from the new movie, Toy Story 4, and now you can capture his wacky charm in crochet form. Here’s how you can buy the pattern.



© Krawka

Although not an exact replica, this worrisome dino reminds us of the loveable Rex from the films. Buy the crochet pattern on etsy.com


It’s Jessie, The Yodelling Cowgirl!

© Lisa Casillas

Crochet your little one their very own wig, so they can have hair just like Jessie! The pattern is available to buy at ravelry.com


Ride Like The Wind, Bullseye!

© InspiredCrochetToys

Crochet Woody’s noble steed with this free pattern download! He’s bursting with character.


We love this!

Stash your WIP in this brilliant project bag! It’s available to buy on etsy.com

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