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Nostalgic Knitting Memories… Your Stories!

Nostalgic Knitting Memories… Your Stories!

We love hearing stories from our club members, so when we asked for your nostalgic knitting memories, you jumped at the chance to share them with the community! From very first knits to memories of mothers teaching the basics, every one of you has a story to tell, and we can’t wait to hear more about them. If you’re looking for something to bring a smile to your face today, then take a look at the lovely stories below that we’ve already received – tissues at the ready!

I remember learning to knit back at school in the 60s when we had to make a hot water bottle cover. It was getting near to the end of term and I had only completed one side, just starting the second. My teacher told me off for lack of progress so I had to get it finished. My mum, as mum’s do, helped out, but I then got told off by the teacher for not doing it myself! How on earth did she know? Might have had something to do with one and a bit sides having very tight knitting and the rest with very good tension.

LKT Member, Jane

My grandma taught me to knit and I remember her casting on for me and making a white cardigan with red buttons. I was seven years old at the time; I sewed it up but she did the casting off. I’m still knitting today and loving it.

LKT Member, Liz

I hadn’t done much knitting but decided to make a cardigan for my boyfriend. I’d done the back and two sides but as it was nearing his birthday, I knew I couldn’t finish it. My friend did one sleeve and I did the other – bad move! There were massive tension differences. He obviously didn’t mind as we’ve now been married 48 years!

LKT Member, Gillian

My first proper project was a cardigan when I was 18. This is now worn by my 21-year-old daughter and she treasures it. Just proves hand-knitted garments last - this one is 40 years old now.

LKT Member, Janet

My mum was a fantastic knitter. She could knit Fair Isle jumpers so neat they could have been worn inside out! My most treasured memory is of a really old pattern she had for a lacy bed jacket in 2-ply. I begged her to knit it for me to have as a cardigan. Eventually, she agreed to make it in 3-ply. I treasured it for years!

LKT Member, Sharon

I remember knitting a mohair shawl that grew from three stitches with increasing at each end of every row, it was my first full project and made while watching Doctor Who with my Dad in the evening. We had a good natter about everything, from him being stuck on the A1 to how I used to hate fireworks. That shawl is now my cat’s favourite blanket!

LKT Member, Mhairi

It was my nan who taught me to knit and it took me ages to get the hang of it. My other nana taught me how to crochet squares, although she couldn’t follow a pattern. As I got older, I became a carer for my husband so I decided to spend my small carer’s allowance on learning it properly at a local shop. I’m so glad I did, as I now run a knitting group!

LKT Member, Sue

My mother taught me to knit before I went to school and I’ve been knitting ever since! At 92, I’m making coloured blankets for the beds in dementia hospital beds so each one recognises their own.

LKT Member, Georgina

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