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Introducing: KnitPro’s Mindful Collection

Introducing: KnitPro’s Mindful Collection

Your first look at the new collection from KnitPro


We all know just how good knitting can be for our mental health, and KnitPro’s new collection is here to help us get even more benefits out of our favourite pastime. The Mindful Knitting Collection reinforces the meditative qualities of the knitting craft. It has been designed to help knitters to practice mindfulness - that is, being in the moment while being creative. 

The range of knitting needles in high-quality stainless steel delivers a smooth knitting experience, whether you’re using a pair of single-pointed, a set of five double-pointed, fixed circulars or interchangeable circular needles. Each needle tip carries an imprint of an inspirational word, associated with meditative practice (Breathe, Believe, Dream…) that is unique to that size only.

Complementing the extraordinary needle collection is a whole series of bags and accessories in a stunning serene teal shade and featuring mindful imagery to set this collection apart. The bags have been designed to help you store your knitting equipment in an organised way – a tidy stash is a tidy mind, after all – and to allow you to transport your projects, whatever their size, wherever you go. The accessories include everything from lovely chakra stitch markers and memory-free swivel cables, to ancient teal-coloured darning needles and beautiful row counter rings. The mindful needle sets have inspiring names like Gratitude, Grateful and Kindness, and cover the most popular sizes and accessories. They are ideal as a thoughtful gift, as well as being a wonderful treat for yourself. 

The mindful selection of knitting needles and accessories has been produced with love and respect for the environment. Stainless steel is an eco-friendly material with proven positive attributes and leaves a carbon footprint close to 0. We have also ensured that all the packaging is made from natural materials by skilled artisans.

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