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How to photograph your projects

How to photograph your projects

Enjoy our top tips for photographing your knitted and crocheted projects…

One of the best things about working at Let’s Knit HQ is getting to see the most incredible Reader Makes on a daily basis. From knitted toys to crocheted home accessories, our readers and followers possess an unbelievable amount of talent. If you regularly pick up a copy of the magazine, you will have noticed that we love to share your makes, promote your projects and celebrate your success.

If you want to improve your chances of having your photos printed in an upcoming issue of Let’s Knit Magazine, this is the blog post for you! The following five tips will give you an insight into what we look for when selecting our images…

1. Let There Be Light
First things first, try to make your photos as light and bright as possible. Not only will this help people to see your projects clearly, it will also ensure your images look fantastic in the magazine. Sometimes we discover incredible makes, but are unable to share them because they have been photographed in a dimly lit setting. If the lights in your home aren’t particularly strong, why not make use of natural light and take your photographs by a window?

2. Keep It Simple
From time to time you might want to experiment with the staging of your photos. Perhaps you could have fun with different props or maybe you could mix up your colour schemes. However, often the best approach is to keep things simple. Try to remove any unnecessary bits and pieces from your shot, as this will make it easier for people to focus on your project. If you are ever unsure, your best bet is to photograph your make against a plain white wall.

3. Stay Focused
In order for a photo to be printed in the magazine, it needs to be of a high quality. We are always on the lookout for sharp shots. Blurry images are difficult to include, even if the subject of the photograph is absolutely amazing. If you are concerned about the quality of your photo, why not ask for a second opinion?

4. Keep Your Options Open
Another great idea is to take and submit more than one photograph at a time. We absolutely love having options to choose from, so the more pictures you can send the better. If you have completed more than one project, you could take a range of group shots and individual photos. You could also take photos of your work in different settings, as this will give you the chance to experiment with your backgrounds until you find one that is just right.

5. Share Your Story
Last but not least, we would love you to share the story behind your work. It would be great to know more about what inspired you to pick up your needles or crochet hook. We love it when our readers and followers share information about who they are crafting for, how the project went, and what they are moving onto next. Don’t hold back…we love to hear from you all!

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