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Get To Know: Let’s Knit Together’s New Presenter, Rosie Fletcher!

Get To Know: Let’s Knit Together’s New Presenter, Rosie Fletcher!

There’s a new kid on the block and she’s recorded a brand new video series for Let’s Knit Together members. What’s more, you won’t know what your finished knit will look like until the very end - how exciting! Find out more about our fabulous new presenter Rosie Fletcher, and get ready to start her Mystery Blanket Challenge!

Rosie learnt to knit ten years ago, “I learnt from my university boyfriend just after we graduated. I also sew and do cross-stitch. I was ill for a long time in my twenties and knitting was my lifeline. I couldn’t get out of bed but I could – slowly and patiently – knit a pair of socks.”

The wonder of creating things from yarn is something that will never cease for Rosie. “There’s just something magic about taking sticks and string and making something, isn’t there? The rhythm of the needles is very soothing. And I love it when someone compliments my jumper and I get to say I made it!”

Her favourite thing to knit? “Socks. I’ve knitted more socks than anything else – they’re relatively quick and nicely portable. I have plans for dozens of gorgeous jumpers, but I only ever seem to finish socks!”

So what top tips does she have for anyone knitting her Mystery Blanket? “Give any new techniques a go but don’t be afraid to go off-piste with it. I always tell my knitting students, there’s no knitting police to tell you off! If you want to swap the colours or repeat one square you love, do just that.” We cannot wait to get started!

Watch Rosie’s introduction to the Mystery Blanket Challenge and then find out what you’ll need to take part.

Then look out for more updates about this exciting community knitalong, and get ready to cast on!

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