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Five Other Crafts To Try

Five Other Crafts To Try

Make this summer the best one yet with our countdown of five fabulous crafts!

1. Discover Your Signature Scent

First up, you should try designing your own fragrance. This is a great way to ensure you always look, feel and (of course) smell your best! As a creative individual, this is also the perfect opportunity for you to let your imagination run wild. Why limit yourself to a generic scent that anyone could buy over the counter, when instead, you could opt for a fragrance that is unique to you? If you are interested in exploring this creative outlet, one option is to attend a fantastic experience day provided by The Perfume Studio. With venues available nationwide, it has never been easier to enter the wonderful world of perfumery. Another brilliant option is to purchase a fragrance design gift set. This will include everything you need to expertly create a bespoke scent, including six exclusive blends made from the highest quality perfume ingredients.

2. Give Crochet A Go

If you haven’t already tried out a crochet project, this summer could be the ideal time for you to give it a go. Although crochet can sometimes be confusing for knitters (as it involves a completely different approach) once mastered, it provides a wonderful alternative for using up your yarn stash. Here at Let’s Knit HQ we love to celebrate all kinds of fibre art, so you can often find crochet patterns in our magazine and on our website. However, for a publication that is entirely devoted to this beautiful past time, why not check out Crochet Club? Featuring super-cute toys and delightful accessories, this fab magazine is a great place to start if you are searching for inspiration!

3. Sewing Is So On Trend

If you enjoyed watching The Great British Sewing Bee, you may be itching to expand your skill set. Although knitting provides plenty of opportunities to create your own garments, just imagine how fabulous it would be if your entire wardrobe was made by hand! Whether you create a simple shift dress or a floaty top for the warmer weather, you are sure to be delighted with the finished garment! You could also put your sewing skills to work redecorating your home. From a beautiful blanket to a new pair of curtains, you really will be spoilt for choice! Even if you are a total novice, it is never too late to pick up a new skill, so why not add our sister title Sew to your summer reading list? You could also visit their website for inspiration, templates, sewing machine reviews, plus a handy break down of the basics.                                                           

4. Get Crafty In The Kitchen

Whether you are planning an epic summer picnic, a garden party for your friends, or just want to enhance your every day meals, getting crafty in the kitchen is always a wonderful way to spend your time! Why not set yourself the challenge of buying local ingredients? This should be easier to do during the warmer months and is a brilliant way to save the environment whilst supporting your local economy. More ideas include embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, following recipes from around the world, experimenting with ingredients you have never tried before, and challenging your loved ones to a fun and friendly (if everyone behaves) cook off! Great British Food is a great place to go for recipe inspiration and top tips, so don’t miss out! You could also look out for a culinary course near you or go online for helpful video tutorials.                       

5. Create Your Own Cards

Last but not least you should set yourself the challenge of creating your own cards. This is an excellent way to expand your skill set, as you can share your handmade cards alongside your other projects. Just imagine how touched your loved ones would be if you not only gifted them a knitted blanket, crocheted toy or homemade cake, but also treated them to an incredible personalised card. Thanks to PaperCrafter, you won’t have to go it alone! They have so many wonderful designs for you to follow, complete with clear instructions and top tips. You can find the mag in all major supermarkets and newsagents, or choose from 100s of amazing projects online.

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