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Diary of a Christmas knitter: one day to go!

Diary of a Christmas knitter: one day to go!

It’s Christmas Eve, and while most of the list is either abandoned or complete, our poor diarist is desperately trying to finish just one last gift…

Tina’s wrap, the last thing on the list, is NOT FINISHED! It’s only a foot long! It’s ten to midnight, and I’m sat up in bed at my parent’s house, frantically knitting and unknitting. At five past two, I realise that I’m falling asleep over my needles.

How on earth am I going to finish it in time?

And then a happy thought occurs to me. Tina’s birthday is January 10th. I’m not going to pull an all-nighter on Christmas Eve; instead, it can be a birthday present. And with that, I put down my needles.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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