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Diary of a Christmas knitter: 18 days to go!

Diary of a Christmas knitter: 18 days to go!

Did you know there are just 18 days until Christmas? Terrifying! Find out how our Christmas knitter is getting on since last time. Has she made any progress at all now that we’re into December?

My Christmas knitting is getting critical. I’ve finished Mum’s cushion at least. It’s sitting, plump and pretty in my wardrobe. Frantically I review my list.

Dad – cabled socks to protect him from blisters on long country walks
Tina – matching angora wrap and blackberry stitch clutch for nights out, now to be in blue rather than the green she said she hates
My brother Gerry – cosy for his beloved iPad
Nanna – hot water bottle cover
Little Alice, the next door neighbour’s three-year-old – a cuddly tiger

Hastily I cross off little Alice and resolve to buy her some sweets instead. The thought of weaving in endless orange and black ends on Christmas Eve makes my blood run cold. I consider crossing Nanna off the list as well – after all, you can buy hot water bottle cosies at Boot’s – but immediately feel like a traitor to the knitting sorority. And besides, I can knit it up in chunky yarn with big needles and it’ll only take a couple of days.

I cast it on hastily and knit a few rows. It was going to be a complicated knit-and-purl pattern inspired by a Scottish fisherman’s gansey, but now it’s going to have to be plain old 2x2 rib. Luckily, in Rowan Little Big Wool, that looks rather good.

I get to about three-quarters of the way through the hot water bottle cover. I’m beginning to feel quite pleased with myself. I’m actually getting stuff done! And that’s when I realise I’m going to run out of the half ball of yarn I’d allotted. To the stash! I scramble through the yarn I have. I’m sure – positive – that I have a quarter ball more, and I’m right. I find it,
only to discover they’re different dye lots. Never mind. I decide to alternate the remaining yarn to do a bit of subtle striping. Thank goodness, I’ve just got enough. I cast off, sew up and breathe a heartfelt sigh of relief.

No time to sit on my laurels, though. I make myself a cup of tea and start Tina’s clutch bag. I’ve only got six rows done when I remember what I’d temporarily forgotten – that blackberry stitch, although undoubtedly beautiful, also makes me want to tear my hair out while I’m knitting it because it’s so fiddly to do. And it takes me ages.

I take a break and cast on for Dad’s socks.

Phew. At least she’s finally making some progress… But how long will that motivation really last? Find out next time!

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