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Diary of a Christmas knitter: 16 days to go!

Diary of a Christmas knitter: 16 days to go!

Well it’s not been long since we last heard from our Christmas knitter, and she was doing quite well! Has she managed to keep up that burst of productivity?

Progress has been limited to two rows of sock. I went to the work Christmas do last night and now have the hangover to end all hangovers.

It persists late into the evening, leaving me unable to do anything but lie on the sofa groaning and clutching a cup of tea. Can’t do that again or I’ll never finish all this knitting. With that in mind I ring and cancel all my plans for this week, including a friend’s birthday party, making a series of increasingly rubbish excuses.

Oh, the guilt. I feel so dreadful about the birthday party that I end up agreeing to go to the pictures with said friend tonight. I stuff Dad’s socks in my bag. Well, if the Yarn Harlot knits at the cinema, why can’t I?

We are 20 minutes into the longest, most tedious film on the planet when I discover that you can’t turn a heel in the dark. I try to put right the awful mistake I’ve made, and seem to manage it, but I can’t pick up stitches in the dark which means I have to put the sock down.

Later, I discover that the heel is salvageable, but the cable went way off centre early on, and it now looks like a plait done by a drunk. I have to rip it back and end up knitting two plain stocking stitch socks instead, which may not be exciting but at least are ready in time.

Well, it could happen to any of us, couldn’t it? Keep checking back to find out how the list is going!

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