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Charity of the month: Cats Protection

Charity of the month: Cats Protection

Are you a cat person? Find out how your knitting skills can help the kittens most in need around the UK.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that all knitters must also love cats.

Well… almost all knitters. That’s why they are being called upon to help knit blankets and toys for Cats Protection, a national charity which helps around 218,000 cats and kittens every year.

Whether you’re knitting blankets to keep them warm or mouse toys to entertain them, the handmade efforts could make a real difference while the moggies wait for adoption.

Emma Osborne, Cats Protection’s event Manager, said: “By taking part, cat lovers will be able to flex their creative muscles whilst making life a whole lot better for the cats in our care.”

With over 250 branches and 29 adoption centres, there are thousands of cats and kittens around the country which are just waiting for a little love. Why not help give them some comfort in the meantime?

If you decide to make some toys to keep them active, download Lauren O’Farrell’s mouse toy pattern here. Donations can be dropped off at your nearest local branch.

For more information, call 01825 741911 or go to to find out more.

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