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Absolutely Hilarious Vintage Knitting Pattern Pictures

Absolutely Hilarious Vintage Knitting Pattern Pictures

Have a smile with these fantastic images from classic patterns!

Here at LK HQ, we love planning our photography shoots. We search high and low for ideas and inspiration, keeping an eye out for trends, colours and potential props to help our shoots come to life. On the day, we have a cracking team of experienced models, expert stylists, professional make-up artists, and top photographers (thanks, team Cliqq!).

Once the shoot is complete, it’s just as fun picking our favourite snaps to use in the magazine. We’re really proud of our pictures, even when we flick back through the archives. However, when we look at some vintage patterns, we can’t help but think, “What on Earth is going on here?” Feel free to come up with your own captions to these corkers!

Why have we never used a motorcycle helmet as a prop? How silly of us not to think of that!

OK, the make itself is somewhat questionable but that ski pole looks very sharp and is rather too close to an eye for comfort!

Yay for larger sizes, but do you think she might be plotting something?

This feels like it could be an out-take. What do you think he’s saying?

It’s good to see some older models but they appear to be distracted by the crossword!

Another one from Sirdar here. Sorry, Sirdar, but we’re not sure surveying sells a sweater

Apparently the stylist didn’t turn up with any clothes that day…

It might be us, but these two don’t look like they’re having fun!

This is our favourite. Sausage anyone?

You can find a whole host of vintage knitting patterns in the University of Southampton’s online Knitting Reference Library

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