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9 Reasons It’s Time To Cast On For Christmas

9 Reasons It’s Time To Cast On For Christmas


Yarn and needles at the ready, it’s time to Cast on for Christmas.  “Why now?” we hear you ask. “It’s too early” someone else complained. Let’s clear one thing up. It is NOT too early. Here are nine darn good reasons why you should get set to start your festive makes right this instant. Spit spot!

We’re closer to this Christmas than last Christmas!

Yes, that’s right. We’re on that downward ski slope rushing headfirst into the festivities. From 1st August to 24th December is only 146 days. That’s fewer than 21 weeks, or if you’re reading this at any future date, not even that. Better get knitting!

Time plays tricks

It’s a strange phenomenon of time that not even Dr Brian Cox could explain, but Christmas always sneaks up on you. No matter how organised you think you are, you always feel like you need an extra week before the big day. Try to avoid that by starting nice and early.

Knitting’s not necessarily a quick craft

And nor should it be. It’s a mindful pastime that allows you to focus your thoughts and energies on the feel of the needles, the texture of the yarn and the motion of each stitch. You don’t want to rush it. Give yourself the time to enjoy crafting your handmade gifts with love.

Mistakes happen

Even to the best of us. A twisted stitch here, a dropped loop there, uneven tension, ugly yarn joins, anything that leads to you not being 100% happy with your project. If it’s a gift for someone, we want it to be perfect and that means taking our time while we work.

Life gets in the way

It does. We know it does. We don’t want to tempt fate with any negativity but sometimes things just crop up and bring your best laid plans to a stuttering halt. Factor that in.

We’re so kind and giving

Not that it’s a bad thing, but being so generous means that we’ve probably got very long lists of who we want to knit gifts for. Maybe even more than you’ll have time for. Give yourself a fighting chance by starting now!

You might forget someone from your to-knit list

Even the most responsible crafter can get carried away. Give yourself plenty of time to remember that forgotten relative and make them something lovely, even if it is last-minute.

There are freebies…

Yes, that’s right, freebies! We’re so happy about it, we’ll put it in caps: FREEBIES! Visit to find your exclusive planners, printables and more, plus bonus festive projects. Did we mention that they’re free?

...and patterns. Plenty of patterns

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas or makes to decorate your home in handknitted splendor, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Check out the amazing Christmas knits available to Let’s Knit Together members. Find out how to join the club at

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