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9 Of Our Favourite Knitting Memes

9 Of Our Favourite Knitting Memes

Read about why we love a good knitting meme!

Here at Let’s knit, we love a good meme! They remind us that we’re not the only ones with a yarn hoarding problem, and that our worrying obsession with Christmas knitting patterns is in fact - entirely normal! We’ve compiled a list of our top nine favourite memes. Some are cute, some are funny, and some are simply frustratingly accurate! So sit back, relax, and laugh away!

1. Knit or clean?
We love this, simply because it justifies our complete and utter lack of interest in housework. After all, creativity is much more important. As long as our yarn stash is organised, that’s good enough for us!

2. Dye lots
We’re not against two-toned projects by any means, but there’s nothing worse than accidentally mismatching yarn! We know we shouldn’t have ordered it separately, but we thought if we crossed our fingers it would all be okay in the end!

3. Reckless knitting

We’ve got a ton of great patterns which are knitted on the round. But listen here knitters, we can’t be held responsible if you’re reckless enough to go knitting some winter socks without stitch markers. Who in their right mind would knit on the round without stitch markers you say? Crazy people, that’s who!

4. Friendship goals
We’re all about sharing the love at LK HQ and what better way to prove your undying loyalty to a dear friend than dedicating several hours of your life to untangling their yarn collection. Just be sure that all snacks and unlimited cups of tea are provided before you agree!

5. Anti-social
We’re not ashamed to admit that this is how we feel at most social outings. Of course we love our family and friends! But truth be told, when our eyes glaze over and we appear to be getting tired, it’s likely that we’re daydreaming of curling up in our yarn stash back home.

6. Commitment phobia
Although we’ll never admit it, there have been one or two occasions (maybe more, but who’s counting?) where we have started another project before finishing our current one. We like to think this means we’re incredibly enthusiastic, rather than lacking any sense of commitment.

7. Crochet conundrums
Although we can’t expect non-knitters to know the difference between crochet and knitting, we still can’t help but get a little mad!

8. Tired of tensions
We know, we’ve just committed the ultimate knitting crime! But life is short and we don’t feel like knitting tensions squares all the time! Cut us some slack, please?

9. Fairy godmothers
With so many Christmas projects that need finishing in the next 6 weeks, we’re secretly hoping that our fairy godmother will come save us! Or at least stitch up a seam or two…

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