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7 Knitting Charts To Colour & Create!

7 Knitting Charts To Colour & Create!

Join the colouring craze with these fab designs - then knit them afterwards!

Colouring for grown ups is one of the fastest growing trends in recent years, so we’ve come up with seven chart ideas that show the design but not the shades! The colours shown below are just examples. Simply print them off, then pick up your pencils and add your own creative touch! Click on the images to be taken to the download page, or visit the link at the end of the post.

Fibonacci Stripes

Fibonacci was a clever fellow and came up with a sequence that is considered one of the most aesthetically-pleasing, we’ve converted this into a simple stripe pattern.

Zig Zags

This mixes up the stripes to create a striking chevron design - you’ll need to use the Fair Isle colourwork method for this one.

Vertical stripes

Flattering columns of colourwork can be knitted using the intarsia method.

Diamonds & Stripes

This one is a bit more advanced and uses stranding to create pretty diamond motifs.

Noughts & Crosses

Practise striking prints in assorted colourways!

Crazy Diamonds

This advanced design would look amazing in a riot of shades.

Design Your Own

Here’s a blank chart so you can really get creative!

Click here to download all these charts for FREE!

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