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11 Reasons Knitters Are Actually Wizards

11 Reasons Knitters Are Actually Wizards

As if you needed proof!

1. We can read mysterious writing and symbols


When we look at “Sl 1 wyif, yb, k1 tbl, yrn, p2tog tbl” it means something. Same for those squiggles on a chart. We can decipher them and transform them into knitted goodness. We’d like to see non-knitters do the same!

2. We are ace at transfiguration


With a few simple movements repeated over and over again, we can turn a humble ball of yarn into a thing of beauty. Now that’s magic.


3. We wave magic wands


Also known as knitting needles, these special tools enable us to weave our magic webs. They come in wooden, metal or plastic varieties and are amazingly powerful.

Fact: the Museum of Witchcraft has documentary evidence of witches using glass knitting needles in their spells. Read more here.


4. We use our powers to help those in need


There are so many organisations that require assistance from knitters, and we are all too happy to dedicate our wizarding skills to the cause. From baby clothes for preemie units to blankets for animal shelters, we help where we can.


5. We can hypnotise you


Watch our hands as we work. Go on, just watch those fingers deftly moving yarn and manipulating stitches. Knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, knit one…you are now under our control!


6. We keep familiars


Often four-legged, these usually take the form of sheep, alpacas, goats, rabbits or even musk oxen. They grow luscious fleeces on our behalf. We’re good to them, then they reward us with their gorgeous fibres. It’s called teamwork.


7. We use sentences no-one else understands


It’s not abracadabra but “I’ve just frogged my WIP back to my lifeline after tinking didn’t cut it” is definitely its equal in the mumbo jumbo stakes, just ask any non-knitting muggle.


8. We study ancient lore


While some might think us persons of limited interests, we really do like reading about historical knits and knitters, and who doesn’t enjoy a vintage knitting pattern? Even if it’s just to marvel at the fashions and photography!


9. We gather in covens


Held in public houses, parks or libraries, or behind closed doors at a fellow practitioners’ homes, these meetings often involve a small amount of discussion about our latest projects and plenty of tea and/or wine.


10. We can do things beyond common understanding


There are some things in knitting that even we can’t explain away. We just know they work – like mitred squares or steeking. On such occasions, we take a deep breath, trust in the magic and wait for the outcome.


11. We love hats


It’s true. Whether it’s a neat little beanie or fabulously pointy number, we just can’t get enough…


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