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Weaving In

In part one we examined the technique known as stranding, where each colour is carried across the back of the stitches until it is next required. However, when the blocks of colour span more than five stitches the floats become loopy and can snag, so we use the weaving method. This is where the float is looped under the working yarn to hold it close to the fabric.

  • Weaving In - Step 1

    Step 1

    Wrapping the float yarn around the needle After three or four stitches of a long block of colour (red) have been worked, insert the RH needle into the next stitch, pass the float yarn (yellow) over the working yarn, and around the tip of the RH needle from top to bottom, right to left.

  • Weaving In - Step 2

    Step 2

    Knitting the stitch with the working yarn Wrap the working yarn around the tip of the RH needle as if to knit. Knit the stitch by holding the working yarn on the needle close to the base of the stitch and at the same time unwrapping the float yarn by passing the tip of the RH needle under the strand. The working yarn holds the float yarn close to the fabric and knits the stitch. You may find it easier to use the LH needle to lift up the yellow strand to help the RH needle pass underneath. Make sure that the float yarn is not visible on the RS of the work. Continue to work, strand and weave around the round.

Why not give one of these patterns a go?

Why not give one of these patterns a go?

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