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Alpaca armwarmers + cowl Knitting Pattern

Alpaca armwarmers + cowl

Designer: Julie Ferguson

Red is one of this winter's trendiest shades making Julie Ferguson's matching combo a must-knit for all fashionistas

If you're frequently reaching for your purse, phone or bus ticket when you're out and about, then the constant removal of gloves or mittens is more than likely to lead to one going astray by the time you get home. These armwarmers are the perfect solution. They are long and cosy, and leave your fingers free for everyday tasks. The pretty stitch pattern is created using eyelets and regular and reverse stocking stitch worked in horizontal bands. The snuggly cowl features the same design and is ideal for keeping out the winter chills.


Using 4mm circular needle, cast on 120 sts. Join in rnd taking care not to twist sts, pm at beg of rnd
? Rnds 1-4: k
? Rnd 5: p
? Rnd 6: (yfwd, k2tog) rep to end of rnd
? Rnd 7: p Rnds 1-7 set patt
? Rep Rnds 1-7 until work meas 35cm
? Loosely cast off using 5mm needle
Weave in ends


(make two)
Using 4mm dpns, cast on 36 sts. Join in rnd taking care not to twist sts
? Work Rnds 1-7 as for Ruby ten times

Working back and forth (not in rnd) cont as folls:
? Beg with a k row work four rows in st st
? Next row: p
? Next row: p2, * yrn, p2tog, rep from * to end of row
? P two rows
? Next row: k
Join back into rnd
? K two rnds
? Resume patt as for cowl beg with Rnd 5, work Rnds 5-7 once then work Rnds 1-7 three more times, then Rnds 1-4 again
? Loosely cast off using 5mm needle
Weave in all ends

Yarn Forward (yfwd) vs Yarn Round Needle (yrn)
Yfwd and yrn are two similar ways of increasing, but which one to use depends on the stitches on either side of the increase. If it is between two k stitches, bring the yarn to the front of the work between the needles, take it over the top of the RH needle and leave it at the back of the work ready to k the next st. This is a yarn forward. A yarn round needle is worked in a similar way but between two p sts. This time the yarn is already at the front so take it over the top of the RH needle then bring it back through between the needles so the yarn is at the front again for the following p stitch. 

Ruby: 35cm depth x 66cm circumference
Rosa: 30cm long

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