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Sewlicious Doughnuts crochet Pattern

Sewlicious Doughnuts

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What you need to know

Exciting news for all crochet enthusiasts! Top Crochet Patterns has joined the Let’s Knit Together family and you can now access over 750 beautiful crochet patterns alongside over 3,000 knitting patterns as part of your membership. You can explore our full range of diverse crochet patterns here: www.letsknit.co.uk/crochet-patterns.

Once you’ve made one of Hannah Cooper’s cute doughnuts, you’ll want to create your own favourites to enjoy a ‘bake off’ or toy picnic with a youngster.

The basic shape is a breeze in double crochet, using whatever DK colours you like to re-create your favourites, from chocolate-dipped dunkers to iced confections topped with beaded sprinkles.

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