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Issue 60


Sweetness (KNITTED GIFTS) (page 7)

The tension should be:
20 sts x 28 rows over 10cm


Jenny (KNITTED GIFTS) (page 14)

There have been a couple of omissions in this pattern, for which we apologise.
Row 14 should begin with k8
Row 22 is missing and should read k31


Marley (page 47)

Some readers are finding the crochet seaming instructions difficult to follow. These may be easier to understand:
■ Insert the hook in the last cast-off stitch at the top edge, make 1ch to secure yarn, then make 1 more ch
■ Working along one side only (you are not joining the seam yet), work 1dc in each row end stitch, finishing at the first ridge row of the sole.
■ Pinch the sole ridge rows together and insert the hook through these rows. Working through both layers work 1dc in each stitch all the way around. This gives the sole more definition and gives it a clear edge.
■ Work 1dc in each row end stitch back up the other side of the boot, ending at the cast-off row
■ Beginning with the initial ch stitches, work 1dc through the back loops (the ones nearest each other) of each dc to base of boot.
All your dcs should now be joined and the seam is complete.
For colour versions one and two, yarn B should be used for the back seam and sole edging only. You will have enough yarn to make another full pair by reversing the colours.


Alan (page 68)

There is a small error on Row 33. It should read: k4, (p2, k2) three times, p2, k4

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