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Issue 32


Cecile (page 41)

On the Shape Sleeve Cap section you should not work any decreases on WS rows until you have 51 (49, 51, 51) stitches left after decreasing on RS rows only 8 (11, 13, 14) times in total. The section headed 'Set decs as folls:' is there to demonstrate which decreases should be used and is not part of the actual pattern


Candace (page 25)

On Row 11 of the written Set Up instructions our Candace shawl, the asterisk is in the wrong place.
It should read k2, * yfwd, k2, k2tog, yfwd, k4, yfwd, ssk, k2, yfwd *, k1, rep from * to *, k2

After you have worked through the Main Section once, you need to repeat the motif twice more on each row, rather than once as we initially stated.

We're sorry again for any inconvenience this may have caused

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