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Issue 04


Wish (page 57)

The knit kit suggests one ball but this will only give 18 repeats and makes for quite a short scarf! For 42 repeats you will need three balls, but you may find that two balls are enough for a scarf of reasonable length.


Tamara (page 16)

The tension square for this pattern reads to use 4.5mm needles; whilst the knit kit advises to use 8mm needles - the correct size to use is 8mm - unfortunately an error led to the wrong size of needle being put in the tension square.

Also, there is an error in the stitch pattern. The stitch pattern box should read:

Stitch Pattern (Worked on multiples of four stitches plus two extra)

Row 1: (RS) k
Row 2 and every WS row: p
Row 3: k1, *yo, k2tog, k2; repeat from *
Row 5: k
Row 7: k1, *k2, yfwd, k2tog; rep from * to last st, k1
Row 8: p
Rep rows 1 - 8 to get pattern

Work even in pattern, keeping 5 sts in garter stitch at front edge.

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