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Issue 88


Olive the Owl (leaflet) (page 1)

When you are sewing up the body of the owl, be sure to place the seam at the centre back of the work, otherwise you will not get the correct curve.


Gentle Whisper (page 37)

There is an error on the Back neck shaping -
Row 2: k to marker, k3, w&t

There are also some corrections to the lace pattern
Round 7 (written instructions): k3, yfwd, sk2po, yfwd, k4

Rounds 10, 12, 14, 28, 30, 32 and 34: k to end, remove marker, k1, replace marker. This is the new start of the round

Here is the amended Chart:

Please note, the amended pattern will give one eyelet row fewer than shown in the picture. There is no decrease on Row 37 of the chart. You just have the yfwd increases on this row.

Once the chart is complete, you do not need to reposition the marker.

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