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Issue 74


Robyn (page 38)

Incorrect stitch counts have been given for the Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth sizes on Rows 9 and 13. They should read as follows:
Row 9: - (-, -, -, 64, 64, 66, 66) sts
Row 11: - (-, -, -, 66, 66, 68, 68) sts

They are also incorrect for the First, Second, Third and Fourth sizes on Row 15. They should be:
Row 15: 60 (60, 62, 62, -, -, -, -) sts.

To clarify, the next increase row for this size group is Row 19, then every foll fourth row


Prancer (page 45)

After the pick up row on the Upper you should have 49 sts not 47 as stated.

There are also extra decrease rows on the Decrease for Foot section.
You need to cast off when you have 41 sts (after the second decrease row). This will give a narrower foot.


Twist (Essential Winter Knits) (page 9)

The selvedge stitch has been missed off at each end of the Cable pattern and should be worked as folls:

[] Row 1: p3, k2, C4F, (p4, k2, C4F) three times, p3
[] Row 2: k3, (p6, k4) three times, p6, k3
[] Row 3: p3, C4B, k2, (p4, C4B, k2) three times, p3
[] Row 4: k3, (p6, k4) three times, p6, k3


Millie (Essential Winter Knits) (page 9)

Row 2 of the Rosette should read:
k2, (sl this st back on to LH needle, lift next eight sts over this and off LH needle, k first st again, k2)


Morgaine (Essential Winter Knits) (page 10)

Here is the key for the chart

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