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Issue 165


Lace Motif Cardi (page 19)

There are the following corrections to the Chart:
[] Row 7: there should be no k2tog after the double yfwd and no ssk before the double yfwd
[] Row 53: at square 26 a k2tog is missing
[] Row 57: at square 13 and 27 the yfwds should be decreases: ssk and k2tog respectively


Back Tie Jumper (page 16)

Cast off front and back neck sts instead of placing on a holder


Tie from Last Minute Knits For Christmas (page 67)


There is a correction to the pattern repeat row. Once you get to 20 stitches, your next row is the first row of the pattern repeat. The 'sl 1' at the beginning is in the wrong place - it should be before the k4 at the end. So the row should read as follows:

Next row: k3, (sl 1, k2) four times, sl 1, k4

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