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Issue 125


Cable Tree Cone (page 62)

After Row 18, do not rep Row 13, instead rep Row 15, then Rows 14-18 once more.

After Row 30, do not rep Row 25, instead rep Row 27, then Rows 26-30 once more

After Row 39, work as follows:
[] Row 40: (p1, C6F, p1) three times
[] Row 41: (k1, p6, k1) three times
[] Row 42: (p1, k6, p1) three times
[] Rep Row 39, then Rows 38-42 once more
[] Row 49: * k1, (p2tog) three times, k1, rep from * to end
[] Row 50: (p1, k3, p1) three times
[] Row 51: (k1, p3, k1) three times
[] Cut yarn leaving an 20cm tail and thread through rem sts, fasten off

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