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How to: make a crochet chain

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A crochet chain is quick to make with a crochet hook and can appear as a feature in a knitting pattern for creating hair or a drawstring, but it is also needed if your pattern calls for a provisional cast on.

The front of the chain has Vs and back has central bumps or middle bars.

Begin with a slip knot and place the loop over the crochet hook, tightening it so it is not too loose on the hook yet slides with ease. With the yarn tensioned over your left hand and the hook in your right, lightly hold the knot under the hook between thumb and middle finger. As with knitting, your yarn needs to be under a certain amount of tension to hold it tight enough to grab with the hook, but not so tight that it can’t slide through your hand as you create stitches. To make a single chain stitch, dip the hook under the yarn (moving your hook backwards), grab the strand to wrap it around the hook, then pull through to make a loop. On the pull through, turn the hook down to move smoothly through the previous loop – if it’s at the wrong angle it will snag. Tighten the loop to sit comfortably on the hook, then make another chain stitch in the same way. You’ll find you can make a few chain stitches before needing to readjust your grip on the stitch below the hook, which all helps to keep the yarn tensioned. Unlike knitting, you don't hold a row of stitches on the hook, but like knitting, crochet works best with an even tension, which comes with a little practice. Likewise, different hook sizes and yarn thickness affect the size of your stitches. Your crochet chain should be nice and even, so if it’s a bit lumpy, have another go – or simply pull it back to undo the stitches to a point where you’re happy with it. Finish your chain by cutting the yarn, taking the loop off the hook and pulling the tail through the last stitch.


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