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How to: knit one below (fisherman’s rib)

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Knitting into the stitch below the one on the needle is quick to master and produces an extra thick stitch that is especially effective within a rib pattern, such as fisherman’s rib.

Fisherman’s rib takes a few rows to establish, but creates a fabulous thick and warm fabric.

For knitting into the stitch below in a 1x1 rib (p1, k1 in this case), an even number of stitches are cast on, followed by a purl row to establish the stitches. To begin the row with a purl stitch, the yarn is at the front to p1, then move the yarn between the needles to the back ready for the knit stitch. To knit into the stitch below, insert the RH needle tip under the bar of the stitch on the needle, wrap the yarn anticlockwise as usual and pull the loop through, then lift the stitch off the LH needle. Take care not to also catch the bar of the stitch on the LH needle with the tip of your RH needle as you do this – you should only have one loop on your RH needle, as usual for a knit stitch. Continue with the pattern, taking care if the last stitch is a knit 1 below, to insert the needle in the correct place to ensure a neat selvedge.


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