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Joining the round

There are several ways of joining the round and it is up you which one you use.Position the needles into a square shape, or a triangle if only using three needles, on a flat surface with the first cast-on stitches on the left hand side (needle one) and last cast-on stitches on the right (needle four). Make sure none of the stitches are twisted. Some people prefer to start knitting straight away, although this can leave a little hole on the first row. Other people like to swap the first and last cast-on stitches as follows:

  • Joining the round - Step 1

    Step 1

    Holding needle one (pink) in your left hand, use needle four (green) to slip the first cast-on stitch onto the RH needle.

  • Joining the round - Step 2

    Step 2

    Using needle one, lift the last cast-on st on needle four over the slipped stitch and onto the LH needle. You are now ready to knit.

Why not give one of these patterns a go?

Why not give one of these patterns a go?

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