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Two Colour Brioche Shawl Knitting Pattern

Two Colour Brioche Shawl

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What you need to know

Boost your knitty skill set with Anniken Allis's brioche shawl!

This clever technique creates a soft, squashy, reversible fabric that’s wonderfully warm and cosy. Although it looks similar to fisherman’s rib, it is worked in a very different way and with just one colour at a time. Brioche involves slip stitches and yarn over increases; when you come to a yarn over on the following row, work this with the stitch it is paired with. Here, we are using a long circular needle so you can slide the stitches from one end to the other to work along each row twice before turning. Choose a size that gives you the total width you prefer, and read through the pattern before you begin so there are no surprises.

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