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Trina Knitting Pattern


Designer: Sian Brown

Designer Sian Brown uses lace stitches to fashion this summer wrap

Lace knitting is thought to have originated in Spain and it's easy to imagine a Spanish Señorita wearing this classic-shaped wrap. Whether it's knotted like a scarf or thrown over your shoulders, a wrap makes an elegant addition to your wardrobe. This design has multiple zig-zag eyelets and a garter stitch edging which helps it keep its shape.


Using 4mm needles, cast on 93 sts
? Rows 1-3: k
? Row 4: k3, (k4, k2tog, k1, yfwd) twelve times, k6
? Row 5: k3, p3 (yfwd, p2, p2tog, p3) twelve times, k3
? Row 6: k3, (k2, k2tog, k3, yfwd) twelve times, k6
? Row 7: k3, p3, (yfwd, p4, p2tog, p1) twelve times, k3
? Row 8: k3, (k2tog, k5, yfwd) twelve times, k6
? Row 9: k3 (p4, p2tog tbl, p1, yrn) twelve times, p3, k3
? Row 10: k6 (yfwd, k2, skpo, k3) twelve times, k3
? Row 11: k3 (p2, p2tog tbl, p3, yrn) twelve times, p3, k3
? Row 12: k6 (yfwd, k4, skpo, k1) twelve times, k3
? Row 13: k3 (p2tog tbl, p5, yrn) twelve times, p3, k3 Rows 4-13 form the pattern. Cont in patt until work meas approx 174cm from cast on edge
? K three rows
? Cast off


Cut two 25cm lengths for each tassel. Attach eight tassels to each short end at intervals LK

To add the tassels to this wrap cut two lengths of yarn approximately 25cm and pull up a stitch from the edge of the short end of the wrap. Fold the yarn in half and thread the folded loop through the stitch. Pull the loose end through the loop to create the tassel.

175 cm long (excluding tassles) x 40 cm wide

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