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Timmy’s Ears

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Val Pierce
  • Timmy’s Ears
Finish your Christmas mouse from the October issue of Let's Knit!

Poor Timmy the Mouse from issue 136 can't hear the jingle of sleigh bells. Sorry about this - here are the missing instructions for his ears.

EARS (make two each in yarns B and C)
Using 3.75mm needles, cast on six sts
[] Row 1: p to end
[] Row 2: kfb in each st to end. 12 sts
[] Row 3: p to end
[] Row 4: * k1, kfb, rep from * to end. 18 sts
[] Beg with a p row, work nine rows in st st
[] Next row: (k2tog) to end. Nine sts
[] Next row: (p2tog) to last st, p1. Five sts
[] Cast off