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Easy lavender sachets Knitting Pattern

Easy lavender sachets

Designer: Let’s Knit

These beautiful lavender bags will keep your woollens smelling delightful


[] Cast on 40 sts
[] Work in garter stitch for 12 rows
[] Cast off


Fold the knitted rectangle in half, thread the darning needle with yarn and using a slip stitch, sew across the base and up the side making a pocket.


Cut an 11cm x 22cm rectangle from the fabric, fold it in half and then machine stitch down each side and across the base leaving a small gap. Turn the bag through to the right side and press; fill the bag with lavender and machine stitch the gap closed.

Plait three lengths of yarn long enough to make a loop from the back of the knitted pocket over to the front. Stitch the loop ends to the back of the pocket and then stitch a button to the centre front. Place the lavender bag inside the knitted pocket and then fasten the loop over the button.

Store it

Keep a folder or notebook for all your completed projects. Hold on to a ball band from yarns used to provide a record of the washing instructions – you’ll never accidentally felt a jumper again!

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