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penny Knitting Pattern


Designer: Let’s Knit

These tiny knits are a brilliant stocking filler, especially when stuffed with chocolate coins!


Cast on 30 stitches
[] Row 1: k to end
[] Row 2: p to end
These two rows set st st
[] Cont in st st until 40 rows have been worked
Check that the item forms a square (add more rows if needed) and cast off leaving 40cm tail to create a buttonhole loop

Work a buttonhole loop

Thread yarn from the cast off tail on to a tapestry needle. At the corner, in line with the position for the button, make three loops of yarn large enough to slip over the button. Bind these together with blanket stitch, wrapping the yarn around the strands and passing the needle through the loop before pulling to tighten the stitch

Making up

Press lightly in accordance with your ball band. Fold in three corners, toward the centre and sew together to form an envelope, leaving the corner with the buttonhole loop free. Sew on a button in line with the buttonhole loop

Time for treats

Not only are these fab stocking fillers, they make ideal gift bags, ready for giving your smaller items. From cufflinks to gift vouchers, Penny will make it special and is perfect for giving presents a personal touch. Why not use a yarn colour coordinated to the gift you are giving?

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