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Monkey Knitting Pattern Knitting Pattern

Monkey Knitting Pattern

  • Difficulty


  • Yarn Type

    Yarn Type

    DK / 8 ply

  • designer


    Sachiyo Ishii

  • Needle Size

    Needle Size

    US 2.5 / 3.0mm

  • Needle Type

    Needle Type


  • Techniques


    Stocking Stitch, knit, Purl

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What you need to know

Go bananas with Sachiyo Ishii’s lovable jungle playmate

Toymakers will adore this knitted monkey pattern and whoever gets to keep this cheeky chappy will be sure to be monkeying around for a long time! This huggable primate pal has fabric hook-and-loop fastener (such as Velcro) attached to his hands, allowing him to hang from anything he pleases! Why not get him swinging across the curtain rail, above a little one’s bed, or even from the arm of his new best friend? Super cuddly and raring to play, this cheerful companion involves some colourwork on the face and an otherwise simple stitch pattern.

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Watch to learn

Brush up on the skills needed for this pattern with this tutorial.

Techniques: Stocking Stitch, knit, Purl

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