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Campervan Doorstop Knitting Pattern

Campervan Doorstop

Designer: Helen Ardley

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Recreate a retro classic in knitted form with Helen Ardley's colourful camper

This simple vehicle has gained cult status with many different audiences, from retro fans who reminisce about the swinging sixties to surfers who follow the waves. Whichever category you fall into, you'll love our knitted version. We've opted for stripes and simple embroidered flowers but you can personalise your project with all sorts of stitched or appliquéd motifs.

Filling a doorstop
You can use a variety of materials to fill your doorstop – sand, gravel, rice, dried beans or lentils are all good options. Sand is a great choice as it won’t spoil if it gets wet, but you will need to make sure it doesn’t leak. Plastic food bags are a handy solution and you can always double them up for extra security. When you are stuffing the doorstop, make sure you fill the top half firmly before adding the weights at the bottom.

Length: 28cm
Width: 15cm

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