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audrey Knitting Pattern


Combine felted beads with fun cabling and a sophisticated silver chain to create the bag of your dreams


Moss stitch square, make two

? Cast on 16 sts
? Work 23 rows in moss stitch (see Knit Wise)
? Cast off

Cable square, make two

? Cast on 20 sts
? Row 1: (RS) p7, k6, p7
? Row 2: k7, p6, k7
? Repeat rows 1– 2, twice more
? Row 7: p7, slip next three sts onto cable needle and hold at front of your work. With righthand needle knit the next three sts from the lefthand needle and then knit the three sts from the cable needle, p7
? Row 8: as row 2
? Repeat last eight rows once more
? Row 17: as row 1
? Row 18: as row 2
? Row 19: as row 1
? Row 20: as row 2
? Cast off

Gusset, make one

? Cast on 10 sts
? K until work meas 38cm
? Cast off

Making up

Using blanket stitch on the right side of the work, sew a moss stitch square and a cable square together

Sew the edge of the gusset to one side of the moss stitch square, across the base of both squares and back up the opposite side of the cable square

Stitch the two remaining squares together and sew the side of the moss stitch square to the gusset, as before. Leave the other edges open

? Lay the work flat and pick up and knit 52 sts across the top of the bag (ten across each of the four squares and six along the top of each gusset end)
? St st approx 5cm – this will gather the top of the bag inwards
? Cast off – the top of the st st will roll down to form a rolled cuff

Using blanket stitch, attach the remainder of the gusset to the knitted squares and slip stitch the rolled cuff together

? Twist two threads of yarn together to create a cord
? Fold in half to make a loop and attach this on the inside of the centre back of the rolled cuff by threading the ends through from front to back, and knotting on the inside. Stitch a felted bead to the same position on the front of the bag so that the loop will fasten over it

Thread a tapestry needle with a double length of yarn and tie a knot in the end. Stitch through the rolled cuff on one side, bringing the needle out on the inside of the bag; thread on a bead Attach one end of the metal chain to the bead, and weave the yarn through the chain. Thread a bead onto the yarn and attach the chain to the other side of the bag

Moss stitch

Moss stitch makes a textured fabric of alternating knit and purl stitches. To work in moss stitch when you have an even number of stitches per row, as here, work as follows:
? Row 1: * k1, p1; rep from * to end
? Row 2: * p1, k1; rep from * to end
? Repeat these two rows

Finished size of bag: 17cm x 23cm

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