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Baby Playmat Crochet-Along: Part Two crochet Pattern

Baby Playmat Crochet-Along: Part Two

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Exciting news for all crochet enthusiasts! Top Crochet Patterns has joined the Let’s Knit Together family and you can now access over 750 beautiful crochet patterns alongside over 3,000 knitting patterns as part of your membership. You can explore our full range of diverse crochet patterns here:

Here is part two of our baby playmat crochet-along, everyone!

We hope you enjoyed making up part one. For this set, you’ll learn how to craft visually-pleasing zig-zag squares, effective ridged ones and a pocket design, allowing you to pop a little one’s plaything inside. We’ve also added pom-poms to a couple of squares so there are plenty of exciting textures to occupy a little tot’s mind. Don’t worry about weaving in all the ends until the squares are joined together – we’ll explain how to lose all of those when we get to part four, which is where you’ll sew all of your granny squares together.

Here are parts 1, 3 & 4:
Part 1
Part 3
Part 4

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