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Why Spiin has the best yarns for knitted vests

Why Spiin has the best yarns for knitted vests

We share all the reasons why we’re loving Spiin yarns for all our vests and summery clothes right now

As the summer sets in and we knitters are looking for something light and lofty to treat our needles to, it’s always a good idea to take the time to choose a really good knitting yarn. But rather than make you scour the yarn store or get lost in a swirl of it, we thought we’d introduce you to a brand that will certainly satisfy your creative cravings…

Spiin believe that the most important thing when knitting is that you LOVE your makes. That’s the goal. That’s why they are the perfect brand to explore your creativity with, offering an enormous range of yarns and making knitting and crocheting accessible for any budget, high or low. With figure hugging garments like vests and tops, good quality yarn that you love having against your skin is a must!

Spiin also want you to have an easy life when it comes to caring for your makes. We all want to get a lot of use out of our summery clothes and vests especially can end up needing a lot of cleaning and care. With machine washable yarns and wools washable at 40°C, it couldn’t be easier to keep your works of art fresh and fabulous while still holding on to that newly-knitted quality with Spiin yarns. Many of them can even be tossed in the tumble dryer!

Consider what is most important to you when it comes to yarn and to making summery vests – is it longevity, drape, softness, lightness? Whatever it is, we just know that Spiin will have something that’s just right for you. From Spiin’s delightful Softee Baby Yarn and Luxury Cotton Yarn through to the stunning ombre yarns and comprehensive Ultimate Crochet Kit, there’s something for everyone and every creative project.

Spiin even has some very popular yarn bundles available online! Why not treat your yarn bowl to a selection of affordable and 100% vegan yarns, including double knit yarn, cotton yarn, crochet yarn, and everything in between? That way, you’ll have the luxuries of choice and versatility when it comes to making your next vest or summer project…

What’s more, Spiin are offering you lovely knitters 15% off from the 26th August until the end of September… so start making your wishlist! Simply use the coupon code SPII15OFF for 15% off all Spiin yarns. What a treat!


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