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Why Now Is The Time To Cast On For Christmas

Why Now Is The Time To Cast On For Christmas

We kick off our brand new campaign!

Some of you might be thinking, “Ugh, it’s way too early” but take our word for it, it’s really not. And trust us, we’ve learnt that the hard way! Read on to find out why there’s no time like the present (hah!) for starting on your gift knits and decorations.

Life gets in the way

You’ve probably heard the saying that goes, “The best-laid plans of mice and knitters often go awry” (although Robert Burns might not have mentioned knitters in his original poem). We could follow that up with “Time and tide wait for no-one”. What we’re saying is that you need to give yourself a bit of leeway to get your projects finished. The days will race by, especially if you want to knit for birthdays and Halloween too. How many times over the years have you said, “Christmas has crept up on me!”. Don’t risk it.

Try some bigger projects

Starting early means you’ll have the time to have a go at something a little larger, like a blanket, a lace shawl or even a garment. If you’ve used up all your quick-knit gift ideas over recent years, this is the ideal opportunity to push the boat out - only if the recipient deserves it, of course.

Oversize Christmas Robin Jumper

Delightful decorations

From advent calendars to festive bunting, there are loads of ways to add a crafty Christmas touch to your seasonal décor. Starting now means you’ll have time to finish your decs ahead of the celebrations and can enjoy your display for as long as possible. Putting your knitting advent calendar up on the 16th December, just doesn’t have the same feel.

Advent Calendar

Brand new resources!

We’ve come up with the best ways for you to stay organised and stress free this Christmas! And they’re free to download. Just follow the links below:

Knitting Planner to countdown to Christmas

Gift Knit List to jot down your project ideas

Knitting Notes to manage your yarn and patterns

Progress Chart to help you stay on track

You’ll be able to enjoy the festivities

No more turning down seasonal soirées for sewing in ends. You’ll be calm and in control which allows time for some festive fun! The last days before Christmas should be spent wrapping up your gifts whilst munching your way through three bags of chocolate money and over-indulging on mulled wine. Make sure your gifts are all ready to go ahead of the 25th.

We’ll be keeping your festive knitting going with more brilliant printable resources and patterns as part of our Cast On For Christmas campaign. Look out for more updates and stay up-to-date on Facebook and Instagram.

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